75 Ferraris endured typical British weather for the epic crossing.

When your car club is old enough to celebrate a 50th anniversary, there are a certain number of privileges to be awarded. When your club is devoted to Ferrari, a few more perks are virtually guaranteed. And when Ferrari is celebrating its 70th anniversary at the same time, well, people close entire bridges for special parades. We’re not just talking any bridge, either – the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland connects Fife and Edinburgh and stretches nearly two miles in total length.


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It’s plenty long enough for 75 Ferraris to cross side-by-side, which is exactly what the Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain (FOC GB) did this past Saturday, en route to a club track day held at Knockhill Circuit in Fife. Officials closed the northbound side of the bridge for approximately 10 minutes as the parade of prancing horses trudged through rain and fog, much to the delight of the wet onlookers who lined the bridge for photos and video. The local Ferrari dealer added to the supercar count, which included such machines as a LaFerrari, F12tdf, and vintage rides such as a 330 GT and 308 GTB.

With 2017 being a banner anniversary year for both the FOC GB and Ferrari proper, similar events are already planned as part of Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary UK Tour. Technically, the parade and track day at Knockhill preceded the official tour, which officially begins in June and runs through September. As part of the celebration, Ferrari will be showcasing the limited-production LaFerrari Aperta at locations throughout the country, with the tour wrapping up at Silverstone Circuit for the Ferrari Racing Days towards the end of September.

We hope better weather greets the forthcoming events. 75 Ferraris in the wet over a picturesque suspension bridge is certainly pleasant for the eyes and ears, but with over 2,750 member in Great Britain’s official Ferrari club celebrating 50 years while Ferrari celebrates 70, there’s potential for some epic supercar parades in the months to come.

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