BMW cites the severe downturn in car sales and a lack of customer demand for the model as reasons for killing the Z4 M.

Sadly, BMW has confirmed that it has canceled the Z4 M.

The automaker said the economic downturn and a lack of customer interest in the model ruled out going forward with an M version of the Z4.

But it seems odd to cite the crisis hitting automotive sales as a reason for killing the model when the company is also going forward with the X5 M and the X6 M and a whole host of new products that are large, expensive and not very economical on fuel costs.

So maybe the second reason cited was a larger factor than they are letting on, the lack of customer demand. Hard to imagine that of all the new upcoming BMW models, including the 5-series GT, that the Z4 would be the one where customer interest in an M version hasn't been piqued enough.

A BMW spokesperson was quoted by as saying,"Given the current economic crisis there is no business case for a full-on M version of the Z4." The spokesperson also admitted that the X5 M and X6 M were given the go-ahead before the collapse in sales which, in many cases, have hit premium brands just as hard as the volume automakers.

The consolation prize will be an M Sport package for the Z4, like the one for the 135i. That would include a few M-badges tucked here and there but mainly on the steering wheel, a more tightly tuned suspension, a body kit and bigger alloy wheels. Couple all that with the BMW's 3.0 liter, twin-turbo with 306 hp and it should pack enough of a punch. What else do you want? Don't you know there's global economic crisis?


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