There’s a bounty of amazing automotive projects on Lego Ideas, and this kit proposal for an E30 BMW M3 would look great sitting on a shelf next to recent suggestions like the Lancia Delta S4 and Peugeot 205 T16 rally cars. The builder even offers a few different ways to create the kit. 

Do you remember the 333i (E30):

The E30-generation M3 was BMW’s homologation special for getting into touring car racing, and it was a massive success in series across Europe, particularly in Germany’s DTM. The company’s engineers eschewed the firm’s fantastically smooth inline six a high-revving 2.3-liter four-cylinder – or even more displacement for later iterations.


BMW E30 M3 Lego Ideas Proposal

The builder does an effective job of replicating the model’s chiseled aesthetic. The hood, doors, and trunk open. Plus, the seats hinge forward for fitting your minifigs in the backseat. The creator also has custom decals inside that replicate the M3’s instrument panel and center stack.

Hinging the hood forward reveals a Lego version of the M3’s famous S14 engine. It looks fantastic, including replicating the mill’s throttle bodies and intake. You can even remove the powerplant for display next to the kit.

More News About Classic BMWs:

Lego Ideas requires 10,000 supporters before the company’s review board takes a look at a kit and considers it for production. We can imagine them making a few tweaks for this one. Compared to a real-life M3, the roofline on this one appears too short, which makes the rear end looks somewhat distorted.

The second generation of the BMW 3 Series, known to fans be its E30 designation, has a growing reputation as a fantastic performance platform. The boxy design looks straight from the 1980s, and there’s robust performance from practically every engine in the range. Plus, they are still generally affordable, although prices appear to be on the way up. Building one in Lego would be an inexpensive way to add this future classic to your collection.

 Source: Lego Ideas

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