Hats off to Chrysler for this Pacifica ad.

In the last four months, Chrysler has uploaded on its YouTube account no less than 16 consecutive videos with the new Pacifica to show everything that’s great about its stylish minivan. Released just in time for Mother’s Day, the latest clip is by far our personal favorite as it gives a big thanks to women and their contribution to the development of our beloved cars.

One notable mention would have to be Charlotte Bridgwood — mother of one — who patented the world’s first automatic windshield wiper back in 1917 as the “Electric Storm Windshield Cleaner.” It was powered by the vehicle’s engine and was equipped with a series of rubber rollers instead of the blades you’ll find today on modern cars.

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Austrian and American film actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr — mother of three — is also being remembered for being a pioneer in the field of wireless communication by developing the “spread spectrum” technology. This laid the groundwork for what went on to become a communications boom, leading to the development of wireless operations and the much-important global positioning system (GPS).

Chrysler is also giving Margaret Wilcox — mother of five — a shot-out for making our lives much easier during the cold days of winter by designing the first car heating system. She received a patent for the device back in November 1893 and her invention served as foundation for the car heater we’re all using. Not only that, but she also submitted a patent application for a washing machine and a dishwasher.

Last but not least, Helene Rother — mother of one — is being remembered as the very first female car designer. She worked for General Motors before moving on to Nash Motors as a consultant in charge of interiors, with the 1948 Nash 600 being her first project at the job. Back in day, Rother said: “Everywhere I travel in America I hear women saying…’Give us a car we can get into and out of without looking funny…seats we can lean back in…seat covers we can wash and clean. Pretty colors.’” That’s what fueled her ambition to create stylish and chic car interiors appreciated by women of that era.

From all of us here at Motor1: “Thanks, mom.”

Source: Chrysler

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Photo by: Steven Ewing
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