The streaming series goes behind-the-scenes with six race teams.

Starting June 9, Amazon Prime members will be able to stream Amazon’s new series about racing at Le Mans, and it looks like a winner. Appropriately titled Le Mans: Racing is Everything, the Amazon original series is said to offer “unprecedented access” to the legendary 24-hour endurance race.


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Working with London-based production company New Black Films, the series will revisit the enduring legacy of the race while following six racing teams in their quest to compete and win. To Amazon’s credit, the production company didn’t partner with no-name outfits – Porsche, Audi, Nissan, Toyota, and Aston Martin are certainly heavy hitters in the realm of Le Mans. The sixth team featured in Amazon’s series is Rebellion Racing, an independent Swiss racing team founded in 2010. After taking four years off, the team will be returning to Le Mans for the 2017 race, which begins on June 17.

“Fans are consistently thrilled by the excitement and danger that is the annual Le Mans race. Le Mans: Racing is Everything will take that excitement to the next level, giving Prime members behind-the-scenes access to what it takes to win this singular event,” said Conrad Riggs, Head of Unscripted, Amazon Originals, in a press release.

Amazon has been riding high in the automotive world since signing Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May to a three-year deal to film The Grand Tour. Though official figures have never been released, The Grand Tour’s launch last November was the biggest ever premiere for the streaming service.

With all kinds of new petrolheads signed up to see the former Top Gear trio in action, upping the ante with exclusive Le Mans coverage certainly seems like a no-brainer for Amazon. It sounds like all the elements are there for both interesting television, and the kind of in-depth racing action that proper fans enjoy. We’ll find out just how good it is when the show begins streaming June 9.

Source: Amazon, The Verge

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