He will work on your car, but his labor rate is more than he charged Mike Brewer.

Everybody’s favorite man-in-the-shop Edd China jumped on YouTube a few days ago to give us an update on what’s new and exciting in his world. Whether or not that was the sole purpose of the video is a subject open to debate, as it was shot in a car outside the Wheeler Dealers shop in California where China said he was waiting to go in and “clear out my desk.” Apparently the meeting wasn’t set up ahead of time, as China also pointed out the new fence across the drive, and suggested that he was waiting to see if they would let him in. Awkward.

New show coming:

There’s also the matter of Mike Brewer, who a few days prior to the video had something of a Twitter outburst where he suggested China was a traitor for leaving the show. The tweet was quickly deleted, but clearly there are tensions between the two former Wheeler Dealers co-hosts. Perhaps that’s why China gave Brewer a subtle jab at the 0:57 mark of the clip.

The rest of the video simply kicks off his Ask Edd segment that presumably will be a recurring thing on his YouTube channel. Among the questions posed by fans were various ideas for new projects, the possibility of launching a new series through digital platforms like YouTube, and of course, time travel. Because hey, who doesn’t want to time travel?

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We will say this for Edd China – whatever is in store for him we suspect it will be good, because he has natural on-camera charisma and the kind of personality that makes people comfortable, even while sitting outside your gated former employer’s office talking about future jobs.

Source: Edd China via YouTube