A new five-minute video detailing the Aston Martin One-77 has been released. The promotional vid takes us inside the design process, with interviews featuring those behind the car's development.

A new video featuring the Aston Martin One-77, and its design process, has hit the web. The roughly five-minute long video shows interviews with several AM employees, talking about the car's special qualities and uniqueness.

When talking about research into the engine, one executive discusses how engineers are capable of pushing the car's 7.3-liter V12 to its limits, and translating that into better performance. "It is going to be like no other driving experience," says Ian Minards, AM Director of Product Development. He also talks about how the car is going to be louder, so that the customer feels more emotionally attached to the vehicle.

Engineers and execs also talk about the use of aluminum in the engine, how it fits into the vehicle close to the cabin, and the overall sculpting process used to build the One-77. In the end, CEO Dr Ulrcih Bez is heard saying that he wanted to sell a car that "makes you feel good."

He says the car is, "honest," "authentic," and "it does not promise what it can't deliver."

The Aston Martin One-77 uses a 700hp engine that should get the car from 0-100km/h in around 3.5 seconds. Top speed could be in the arena of 200 mph.