The company states the truck will make its debut at a media event in New York later this summer, but little is still know of the vehicle.

The company says of the interior:

"The interior is minimalist by design. The vehicle’s generous use of aluminum continues into the occupant cabin and is featured along the instrument panel (IP). The IP has four prominent circular gauges including a multi function LED display which signals various vehicle warnings as well as vehicle status and system information; a mechanical speedometer with an odometer inset; a unique mechanical tachometer which displays the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the drive motors; and a mechanical battery level indicator. All of the gauges have chrome bezels, black backgrounds and white numbering and lettering giving the IP a clean and classic look."

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According to Robert Bollinger, CEO and founder of the company that bears his name, it was important to keep thing simple inside – not unlike the design we also saw inside the recently debuted Workhorse W-15 plug-in hybrid truck with 80 miles (129 kilometers) of electric range.

“I wanted the interior to have an uncomplicated design that was in keeping with the exterior. With simple mechanical gauges and displays, flat dash panels, a tall roof and tons of glass, we want you to look out at nature and not at a huge computer screen in the middle of the dash.”

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