Doctors get to ride in a sleek 4 Series Gran Coupe.

About 500 exhibitors are attending this year’s edition of the RETTmobil in Fulda, Germany and BMW is among the participants to showcase a series of specially prepared vehicles. The 4 Series Gran Coupe is actually located at the main entrance of the event and it’s dressed in an emergency ambulance trim.

Truth be told, this 440i xDrive model is not an ambulance in the truest sense of the word considering the “notarzt” lettering on the front doors, hood, and rear bumper indicates it’s for carrying emergency doctors, not patients. BMW reminds us the 480-liter trunk capacity can be boosted to 1,300 liters after folding the rear seats to free up more space for carrying medical equipment.

Aside from bringing this sexier 3 Series Sedan, BMW also has an X5 in the xDrive30d specification for doctors on call. It represents the marque’s most spacious model in the range of emergency vehicles and can carry 650 liters of cargo, or as much as 1,870 liters after folding the rear seats. Aside from receiving the appropriate livery, the posh SUV has been equipped with additional LED lighting, auxiliary heating unit, upgraded antenna, and more outlets for powering multiple medical devices.

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As for the 2 Series Gran Tourer, it’s a 220d xDrive model tailored to an emergency physician. Like the X5, it boasts a signaling system with extra LED lights, power supplies, and a beefier antenna. More changes are at the back where the bespoke MPV now features an extractable loading floor with a built-in transportation tray to ease access. A dividing grid made from steel ensures the equipment won’t end up in the passenger compartment and hit those inside the car.

BMW has also brought along an X1 at RETTmobil in the xDrive18d flavor for operations management, specifically as a fire service command vehicle. It gets a two-kilogram fire extinguisher in the rear compartment and it too has additional LED lights, uprated antenna, and the other typical equipment.

Last but not least, the new 5 Series in the 520d Sedan guise is at the event as an undercover police car equipped with a radio master switch and a control unit for the radio devices. BMW has also fitted the midsize sedan with an electronic tone sequence signaling system and auxiliary heating on top of a long list of optional goodies, including a head-up display and night vision with person recognition.

Besides these cars, BMW also has other specially prepared models, including a 2 Series Active Tourer, an X3, the flagship 7 Series and the small i3 electric hatchback. These are joined by a group of four motorcycles (F 700 GS, F 800 GS, F 800 GT, R 1200 RT) suitable for multiple emergency services.

Source: BMW

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