Caparo has launched a T1 Race Extreme model which uses revised parts such as a 620bhp V8 and fully adjustable traction control. Buyers can now also get air conditioning with their T1.

Caparo Vehicle Technologies introduces the new Caparo T1 Race Extreme. While the T1 is already an acknowledged track tool of note, some customers are still not satisfied hence the introduction of new spec for the high-end Race Extreme.

An evolved aluminium normally aspirated V8 engine making a hefty 620bhp (462kW) at a dizzy 10,500 rpm powers the car. It will catapult from 0 - 62mph in 2.8 seconds, 0 - 100mph in 5.8 seconds and top off at 208mph (335km/h).

Other spec include an aerodynamic pack, fully adjustable suspension, ceramic brake discs, a tuneable ECU and a 6-speed sequential gearbox. A fully adjustable traction control system is part of this Race Extreme package. Total dry mass is 550kg (1,213 pounds). Together these and other components give the T1 up to 4g under braking and 3.5g in cornering.

Due to customer demand a Climate option is also being introduced at an extra cost of £21,760 for the sliding armoured windshield and £3,750 for the air conditioning unit. Both these parts can either be ordered separately or together when placing orders. They can also be retrofitted.


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