Cadillac is turning the CTS into a WiFi hotspot. The company is installing a system that will enable CTS passengers to access the web even when the car is moving.

Cadillac is putting its own spin on the phrase "mobile internet" by adding WiFi internet access to the CTS. Autonet Mobile which is the first ISP (Internet Service Provider) to be designed exclusively for cars is providing the technology behind the system.

Through the CTS, passengers will be able to access the internet on any enabled device such as a laptop or mobile phone even as the car is in motion. Cadillac North America Vice President Mark McNabb explains: "Adding WiFi is a natural extension of the tech features already inside the CTS, such as a 40 gigabyte hard drive with USB port, a pop-up navigation system featuring real-time traffic and weather forecasts and the exclusive ability to pause and rewind live radio."

Essentially the car is turned into a WiFi hotspot that does not need the passengers to drive around looking for a connection. It also supports multiple devices at the same time so theoretically all the occupants can tap into it and surf the web from different sources simultaneously. Cadillac says the vehicle will be able to achieve connection speeds of up to 800Kbps.

This is not the first time an automaker has gone haywire on wireless. BMW launched its BMW Online system in 2007 and unrestricted ConnectedDrive internet in Germany in late 2008.

Live demonstrations of the Cadillac WiFi internet will take place at the New York International Auto Show in April. Pricing will be set at US$499 for the installation which can be done at dealer level while a monthly subscription fee of $29 will be charged.


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