Yet even more customization options for Opel's posh city car.

Opel Adam Rocks, Adam Rocks S, Adam Unlimited, Adam Black and White, Adam Rocks Unlimited, and now Adam Black Jack. There’s no shortage of oddly named not-so-special editions of the cutesy city car to highlight the endless personalization options a customer can choose from.

The latest member of the growing family brings an assortment of black accents, with the roof, side mirror caps, and the hood finished in Onyx Black. The Rüsselsheim-based marque wishes to point out that it’s the first time when the Adam’s hood receives this dark theme. As for the rest of the car, you can have it in any other color from the vast palette available.

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Some of the versions mentioned at the beginning of the article can also be had with this black treatment, so it’s virtually impossible not to find the right Adam to suit your preferences right down to the color of the brake calipers or other tiny details. It’s the same story with other posh city cars such as the Mini, DS3, and the Fiat 500, just to name a few.

On sale since the beginning of 2013, the Adam is slated to get a new generation in 2019. However, the announcement was made by Opel back in December last year, so before GM’s decision to sell the brand together with its British counterpart Vauxhall to PSA. The new owners might decide to rethink this plan and link the Adam’s development with a product from Peugeot and/or Citroën to cut development and manufacturing costs.

As a consequence, it’s uncertain at this point whether the new Adam will indeed come out in a couple of years. Meanwhile, we won’t be too surprised if Opel will continue with the special edition onslaught for the existing model since it’s really not much of an effort to come up with these versions considering most of the customization options are already available.

Source: Opel

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Real Jackpot: The New Opel ADAM BLACK JACK

Best bet for ADAM fans: Small lifestyle Opel now in black designer look

Rüsselsheim.  The Opel ADAM is bold and agile, it looks really good and can be configured exactly according to its owner’s wishes. Now the individualization champion takes things to the next level as the Opel ADAM BLACK JACK in a black designer look: roof, exterior mirrors and for the first time also the hood are painted in elegant Onyx Black. This creates a razor-sharp contrast to the rest of the sporty lifestyle mini’s body in a different color. The shade below the black hood can be individually chosen from the wide ADAM color portfolio.

Opel Vice President Sales & Aftersales Peter Küspert on the new ADAM with its captivating black: “The BLACK JACK edition gives the already bold ADAM face an almost teasing grin. After the ADAM UNLIMITED, which already offers our customers countless variation possibilities, we showed the latest ace we had up our sleeve with the ADAM BLACK JACK. In this outfit, it is exactly the right city car for a stylish and absolutely individual look."

In typical ADAM fashion, the BLACK JACK also offers lots of individualization possibilities. It can be configured completely as its own edition or combined with various design and trim options from its ADAM siblings: With the ADAM BLACK JACK pack ADAM S, ADAM ROCKS and ADAM ROCKS S can also wear the new edition look. As in every Opel ADAM, there is the option to make traveling in the BLACK JACK an especially entertaining experience – with the ultra-modern IntelliLink infotainment system including smartphone integration and top connectivity thanks to Opel OnStar. The multi-award winning ADAM easily offers more than “17 and 4” additional variations that can be configured on from early summer.