This aural prelude to the Silverstone Classic could be the key to world peace.

We’re going to be right up front and label this video as not safe for work, unless your place of employment is equipped to offer cold showers. We say this because hitting the play button on the above video will inevitably lead to an eargasm of epic proportions, the kind only found through a range of properly tuned racing engines. Those fortunate enough to attend the Silverstone Classic at the end of July will hear all sorts of glorious engines in action, but until then, the event organizers put together this video so petrolheads of the world could vote for their favorite motoring soundtrack.


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It’s called the Silverstone Classic Sound Off, and consider yourself warned – it's not going to be an easy choice. Up for your consideration are five engines that cover the racing spectrum: the two-stroke V4 from a Yamaha ZR500 GP bike, the zinging four-cylinder from a classic Mini Cooper S, the raspy inline-six from a vintage Cooper Bristol single-seat racer, the burbling V8 from a Lola T70 Spyder, and an epic V12 courtesy of a Group C Jaguar XJR12. Tiff Needell provides the commentary and a bit of info on each machine, but we’re fairly certain there isn’t a single person watching the video who will be interested in such things.

As far as event promotions go, this has to be one of the best. No matter what kind of motoring enthusiast you are, there’s something in this video that will make your spine go all tingly. And the voting part is absolutely legit – watch the action, then go to Silverstone’s Facebook page through this link and and log in to vote for your favorite. You may want to watch the video a few extra times, you know, just to be sure which one sounds the best.

Source: Silverstone Classic

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