The size of the structure determines the minimum output of the for the system.

Tesla will be in the solar roof business by the end of the year, and the venture will potentially get an early boost from homes in the backyard of the company's main factory. The city council in Fremont, California passed an ordinance on May 2 requiring newly built houses and apartment complexes to have solar panels. The decision joined a measure from October that required new construction to have the necessary wiring for charging EVs.

Tesla solar panel roof tile

The required size of the solar cell array varies depending on the size of the structure, and the ordinance requires an installation location that maximizes exposure to the sun. There’s also a provision for getting permission for installing the cells on the ground or using a wind turbine instead.

While this ordinance is through the city government, the state’s buildings standards and energy commissions need to approve the plan before it becomes official. According to the local East Bay Times newspaper, that process could take a few months.

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Tesla first announced its Solar Roof project in October 2016 but just released new details about the product. According to a blog post from the company, the average homeowner would pay $21.85 per square foot the system. The firm offers a variety of finishes for the tiles, including smooth, textured, and slate.

Tesla plans to start installing the Solar Roofs this summer. The company has a lifetime warranty on the tiles and guarantees them to generate power for 30 years. A calculator on the company’s website lets people estimate how much electricity the tech would generate for their home. Our partners at InsideEVs have a detailed story about the EV maker's latest innovation.

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