The "Mono Mania" driving event starts tomorrow and will have more than 12 cars in attendance.

The Briggs Automotive Company – or as it's more commonly known, BAC – has been building its single-seat Mono track car since 2009. Now eight years strong, the company has decided to invite its owners out to a special driving event on the Isle of Man. 

The cleverly named "Mono Mania" event will see as many as 12 vehicles, and 20 clients take to the roads of the Isle of Man, which have been closed to the general public in the name of speed. The event follows the successful frozen lakes of Sweden event that took place in March, which saw a number of Monos sliding around on ice and snow.

BAC Mono Isle of Man
BAC Mono Isle of Man

The Mono Mania will start tomorrow, May 11, 2017, at the Jurby Circuit, and will span four days of driving both on the road and track. Saturday, May 13, will see the cars descend onto closed roads ahead of a private event at Castletown, and a run on the iconic TT Course. Co-Founders Neill and Ian Briggs will also be in attendance.

"When Ian and I first set about creating the Mono, we did so with the vision of sharing it with friends – giving them access to the purest driving experience in the world," said Co-Founder Neill Briggs. "We work closely with the Isle of Man and are very excited to show everyone what this wonderful place has to offer."

The 2016 BAC Mono features a 2.5-liter four-cylinder Cosworth engine producing 305 horsepower (227 kilowatts) with a 1,278-pound (580-kilogram) curb weight – that’s up 25 hp (18 kW) over the outgoing model. BAC is even considering a McLaren P1, Porsche 918-rivaling hypercar in the future. For now, the Mono remains the lone model.

Source: Briggs Automotive Company

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