The perfect place to configure your Chiron.

More than half of the total production of the Bugatti Chiron has already been sold - and the brand’s most successful dealership to date is Bugatti UAE. Given that, it’s no surprise the manufacturer has opened its largest showroom in the world on Sheikh Zayed Road in the center of Dubai.

“The UAE is always striving to be the best,” Sultan Al Habtoor, President of Al Habtoor Motors, owner of the new dealership, commented. “Our target was therefore to bring the largest, most beautiful Bugatti showroom to the heart of Dubai.”

Bugatti Dubai showroom
Bugatti Dubai showroom

The new Al Habtoor Motors showroom stretches on an area of 240 square meters, where customers enter the building through an imposing entrance which features a four-meter Bugatti horseshoe that can also be found on a Bugatti’s radiator grille. Inside, naturally, there’s only one model on display, the Chiron, while guests are “welcomed into a specially designed lounge area equipped with furniture from the Bugatti Home Collection.” The only function of this area will be to give potential clients a private atmosphere where they can configure their own Chiron.

“A location of this significance and appeal for our brand has earned a superlative showroom,” commented Dr. Stefan Brungs, Member of the Board of Management of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. responsible for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. “Many Bugatti customers who have been the closest and most loyal ambassadors of our brand for many years live in this region.”

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There's one more very special thing about this place. If you take a closer look at the photos, you'll notice there's a scale model of the Chiron on display. It's made by Amalgam Collection and you can actually buy an identical one. Currently, the 1:12 models are out of stock, but the beautiful 1:8 models are still available.

Back to UAE, Al Habtoor Motors is an official Bugatti dealer since 2006 and a Bugatti Service Partner of Excellence since 2013. More than 30 Chirons have already been ordered there and the largest Veyron fleet with about 55 vehicles is also there.

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