Coming to you straight from the what were they thinking archives is the story of a person choosing to stand up and fight city hall over a traffic ticket. Being the car lovers we are, we usually stand behind such noble causes because often times they are unwarranted and open to considerable interpretation. When you run a railroad crossing and get hit by a train it’s a tad difficult to blame the other driver. But wait, the story gets better.

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Such an incident took place in Rapid City, South Dakota back in February. The Rapid City Journal reports that a woman who was struck by a train is indeed fighting the ensuing traffic ticket she was given. Before we get much further, it’s important to note there were no injuries in the collision and damage was relatively minor, as the train only clipped the rear of the driver’s Hyundai Elantra as she drove north.

Also, it should be noted the crossing isn’t one of those hidden-in-the-woods affairs – it’s located on a five-lane road just west of downtown Rapid City and marked with side and overhead lights. And because it’s well within city limits, the daily cavalcade of freight trains through town move quite slowly. The picture above is the actual crossing, and to get an idea of the visibility, here’s a closer perspective.


Here’s where it gets better. According to the article, our driver-who-will-remain-nameless told Rapid City police she didn’t notice the warning lights. Or the horn. Or the big ass train lumbering along at a breakneck 15 miles per hour.

So we have a person who got hit by a slow train on a major street in town, who somehow didn’t see or hear the multiple warnings being given prior to the impact, and admitted as much. We are so not liking her chances here, but if she should pull a rabbit out of her hat, we'll update story.


Source: The Rapid City Journal

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