Given their rarity, any opportunity to see classic Italian supercars pushing hard is a welcome sight, but this retro vid from Best Motoring offers a chance to see three of the premier examples at their peak performance. Unfortunately, the clip is all in Japanese, and there are no subtitles. However, hearing their engines roar and seeing them on track is enough for us.

Ferrari F40, F50, Diablo Video

The highlight of this clip is watching the supercars do a 400-meter (1,312-feet) sprint, which is just a few feet shy of a quarter mile. Even by modern standards, all three of these Italians are impressively quick. The Ferrari F50 is the leader of the bunch by covering the distance in just 11.109 seconds at 127 miles per hour (204.9 kilometers per hour). Despite being the oldest vehicle of the bunch, the F40 isn't much slower by making the run in 11.293 seconds at 127 mph (203.6 kph). The Lamborghini Diablo SV rounds things out by racing down the track in 12.139 seconds at 117 mph (187.5 kph).

After showing their acceleration, the supercars then do a slalom first on a flat portion of track and then on a banked section. Unfortunately, a top-speed run is not part of the testing regimen because another evaluation highlighting these model's engines would be a welcome addition.

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The embedded clip above starts just as the tests begin, which is over seven minutes into the video. The earlier portion of the clip features some fantastic cinematography of the supercars driving around a city, but there's not much action. If you have the free time the slow-paced scenes are still worth watching, though.

Video Source: Best MOTORing official 

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