A new Dacia Sandero 1.4 LPG has been launched in France for the price of EUR 5,900. It produces 75hp and its C02 emissions figure is issued as 135g/km.

Dacia is introducing a 75hp (55kW) 1.4 LPG model of the Sandero to the French market at the price of €5,900. The Sandero goes under the Dacia or Renault badge depending on the market where it's sold. Dacia says because of the powertrain it emits a mere 135g/km of C02 gases. In France that qualifies it for a €2,000 'eco-bonus.' Top that off with Dacia's €1,000 'trade-in for scrap' (trading in an 8 to 10 year old car for scrapping) arrangement and the deal looks tempting if you are in the market for such a car.

The Sandero is built to Renault standards in Romania and its makers say 95% of plastics used in its construction come from recycled materials. The LPG fuel tank is built to be safe using such devices as an anti-return valve, a fill restrictor (to 80%) and a safety valve.

Three equipment levels are available; standard, Ambiance and Lauréate. At the basic level are features like 15-inch wheels, tinted windows, ABS and two airbags. Added for the Ambiance are power steering, central locking and an immobiliser. At the top is the Lauréate trim which gives foglamps, electric front windows and a height-adjustable steering wheel. Tax-inclusive prices are EUR 8,900, EUR 9,600 and EUR 10,400 for all three respectively.


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