Ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure we present Luftgekühlt 4. Feel free to try and pronounce that; we believe it goes something like loof-geah-cult, which is German for air-cooled. Obviously the name is appropriate since Luftgekühlt is a yearly gathering of air-cooled Porsches, but this isn’t just some exclusive cars and coffee event for 911 fans. It was created four years ago by two-time Le Mans champ and Porsche factory driver Patrick Long, and his friend and fellow Porsche fan Howie Idelson.


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They bill the gathering as an “experiential car culture event centered around a tightly curated list of historically significant cars, both race and street.” We just call it flipping awesome.

Luftgekühlt 4 took place this past Sunday in San Pedro, California – specifically in Warehouse Number 10 at the Port of Los Angeles. According to the Luftgekühlt website, over 600 Porsche owners purchased pre-registration tickets for the designated air-cooled Porsche parking lot. Mind you, that was just registered parking to access the event – the actual show took place inside the warehouse. Considering there was a silver 959 sitting outside in the rain, the cars inside were truly something special. We’ll not spoil the video too much, but let’s just say being a Porsche factory driver in California has its advantages.

For the younger readers out there, the thought of an air-cooled car of any kind – never mind something high-performance like a Porsche 911 – might be inconceivable. Porsche’s legacy was built on these vintage rides with air-cooled boxer engines, which were available from 1948 all the way through 1998.

To many, these classics are the heart and soul of Porsche, and after watching this video multiple times for the sheer pleasure of it, we can certainly understand why.

Source: Luftgekü, Sean Winograd via YouTube

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