What could possibly top the LaFerrari?

Does anyone else get the feeling that Ferrari is rather like the local furniture store that’s always going out of business? Final days … last chance to save … the sales event to end all sales events. We know it sacrilegious to compare perhaps the greatest exotic car manufacturer of all time to a sleezy furniture store, and it’s not like people are getting sweet deals on new Ferraris. Still, there’s that same last chance vibe that comes through every now and then – in this case, the hypercar to end all hypercars. Act now, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

That is, until the next one comes along.

Fortunately, dealing with never-ending hypercars from Ferrari is awesome, whereas the never-ending sofa deal is just, well, a sofa. And while the world still swoons from the magic of Ferrari’s LaFerrari, word from Maranello is that a better-faster-stronger replacement is already in the works. According to Autocar, the new hypercar will be innovative but still something practical for road use.


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“When we define our new roadmap of technology and innovation, we will then consider a replacement for LaFerrari,” Ferrari Chief Technology Officer Michael Leiters said to Autocar. “We want to do something different. It won’t be a road car with a Formula 1 engine because, to be realistic, it would need to idle at 2,500 to 3,000 rpm and rev to 16,000 rpm. The F50 used an F1 engine, but it needed to be changed a lot.”

The big question, obviously, is how does Ferrari plan to top the hybrid 950-horsepower LaFerrari? Leiters didn’t offer any details to Autocar, but he did mention the company was reevaluating research and strategy for the new “roadmap” to create the next Ferrari hypercar. We can’t help but think that strategy includes taking a much closer look at utilizing electric power, either in a hybrid arrangement or possibly even all electric. Such talk might be as sacrilegious as comparing Ferrari to a furniture store, but there’s no denying the instant torque and neck-snapping acceleration electric motors can provide in performance applications. Just ask the numerous Tesla Model S drivers about such things.

Until then, there’s plenty of time for at least one more LaFerrari variant to blow our minds before the next hypercar comes in to do it all over again. It's a recurring pitch we don't mind hearing one tiny bit.

Source: Autocar

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