Could Dodge be building a Demon spawn designed to turn corners?

Even before Dodge unleashed the 840-horsepower Challenger SRT Demon on the world, we knew there would be huge potential for factory performance parts to trickle down the line. The Demon was built to go drag racing, but being a limited-production machine with a hefty price tag, its uncertain how many will actually make it to the drag strip. Surely Dodge is aware that the Demon’s biggest payday could be in the stream of factory-backed performance parts sold to ambitious Challenger owners, or strategically installed at the factory to create even more special edition models.


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In this instance, we see a “lowly” SRT Hellcat clearly wearing the Demon’s widebody fenders and front fascia. That’s not to say there isn’t more happening beneath the skin, but the hood is certainly Hellcat, as is the badge on the rear decklid. Rumor is that a widebody Challenger is due this summer, lending credence to the special edition theory. Still, there are far more questions than answers here. Might this be an appearance package Dodge will offer for the Hellcat, or other Challenger models? Is it a test bed for other manufacturer-based performance bits? Is this car simply a Demon test mule with Hellcat clothing?

Or could this be something even more? Chevrolet has the Camaro ZL1 1LE while Ford offers the Mustang Shelby GT350, both serious performers on tracks that have curves and are longer than a quarter mile. Dodge hasn’t embraced this world with its pony car like the crosstown rivals have, choosing instead to leave such lateral duties for the Viper. It’s not that Dodge doesn’t know how to build cars that corner, but the manufacturer always seemed content to let the Challenger honor its role as a proper straight-line muscle car. With the Viper headed off to retirement and the Demon still rocking the automotive realm, now would be an epic time for Dodge to offer a Challenger variant with legitimate dance moves.

If we were to embark on such a journey, utilizing the Demon’s widebody shape would be a great place to start. 

Source: Automedia

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