Mercedes-Benz is apparently quite happy with the sales performance of its front-wheel-drive models like the CLA-Class because the brand is reportedly prepping an onslaught of them for the next-generation of the platform. Some of the new entries might even go on sale in the United States. 

Mercedes boss Ola Källenius tells Car and Driver that there are eight models on the drawing board for the firm’s MFA2 platform, which stands for Modular Front-wheel-drive Architecture 2. There are five vehicles on the current chassis around the world, including the CLA-, GLA-, and B-Class in North America.

Mercedes Concept A Sedan
Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan

Källenius didn’t name these eight vehicles to Car and Driver, but they aren’t too hard to guess. All of the existing MFA models have successors in the works. Mercedes’ designers reportedly plan to make the new vehicles look more understated than the products they replace. Among the additions, the company reportedly plans to include standard and long-wheelbase versions of an A-Class sedan. 

The A Sedan concept (above) is the clearest preview yet of what to expect from these upcoming models. The four-door has a more upright look but remains modern by using vertical slats in the grille and sweptback headlights. The rear of the roofline doesn't sweep downward as steeply as on the CLA-Class, though.


More News About Future Mercedes-Benz Compact Models:

The other major addition to the lineup would likely be a rugged looking compact crossover that might have the GLB-Class model designation. The vehicle might significantly soften the Ener-G-Force concept's hardcore design, which is essentially a mini-G-Class. Most trims in this range would be all-wheel drive, but a front-drive version might sit at the bottom of the lineup. An optional off-road package would reportedly add equipment for backing up the GLB’s tough aesthetic.

Source: Car and Driver

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