Since leaving the arctic, BMW has been developing the X2 at the Nürburgring. A new video reveals the stylish crossover working out on track, and it’s clear that the vehicle isn’t comfortable at the Green Hell, which is probably a good thing.

BMW X2 Spy Video

The X2’s tires scream as it takes the ‘Ring’s famous corners, but the vehicle’s speed doesn’t seem to fit the sound and fury. The amount of noise just doesn’t seem to match how hard the driver is really pushing the CUV.

However, extremely few future X2 owners will ever take their new coupe crossover to the track, even if an M version arrives later. To appeal to buyers, the CUV needs to feel good on the road, so being too soft for masterfully lapping a circuit might actually be an advantage, rather than a detriment.

The production version of the X2 continues to look like a softer version of the concept. BMW’s designers create a more stylish take on the X1 by giving the new model a squinting face and slightly steeper rake for the roof. The styling doesn’t appear quite as aggressive on the show car but should still give image-conscious customers an attractive option. 

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Because the X2 shares a platform with the X1, they should use a similar powertrain range, too. Europeans would have an array of small-displacement diesel- and gasoline-fueled turbocharged engines to pick from. Don’t expect any oil-burners for the United States, though. Depending on trim, customers could get front- or all-wheel drive.

The X2 will be on sale in 2018, but the production version will likely debut at an auto show sometime in late 2017 ­– possibly as soon at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Expect the more stylish crossover to sell for a premium over its more utilitarian counterpart.

Video Source: Automotive Mike

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