Though Finland is home to only about 1,000 EVs, construction is underway on a 250-spot EV parking garage.

Tesla owner and EV enthusiast Bjørn Nyland showed off a substantial EV structure in Oslo, Norway, last month. As far as we were concerned, it was the largest EV parking facility we had ever seen or heard about. Now, Finland is planning ahead, and its new state-of-the-art, 250-spot indoor structure will be more than twice as large.

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The facility is currently under construction at Varma’s head office in Salmisaari, Helsinki. Work began in April, and is set to be completed by June. The project is a partnership between Varma and Parkkisähkö Ltd (man, you gotta love the Finnish language!). Once the facility is complete, Parkkisähkö will handle user transactions for “ordering” the necessary charging. CEO of Parkkisähkö., Jiri Räsänen shared:

“This is one of the single largest parking facilities in the world to be equipped with chargers at nearly every sparking spot.”

The structure will be equipped to handle the load of high-speed chargers. Various chargers will be available to fit different users’ needs. All power to the property is generated via hydropower, so it is a truly “green-friendly” facility.

Forecasts predict about 250,000 EVs on Finland’s roads by 2030. Growth could come even faster with this type of infrastructure development. Automotive sources in Finland point to the lack of infrastructure as the only real factor holding back EV adoption in the area.

Toni Pekonen, Varma’s Commercial Property Director, said:

“As electric cars become more common, charging stations will be needed in places where they spend extended periods of time. This has also been taken into account in the environmental certification of buildings, as well as in EU legislation to take effect in 2019 concerning requirements for electric vehicles in properties and new buildings.”

Check out the press release section below for more information.

Hat tip to Jiri Räsänen for sharing!

Source: Varma

Source: InsideEVs

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