If you have the cash, Chevrolet is ready dish out a deal.

It seems General Motors has a healthy supply of new Corvettes waiting for owners. Corvetteblogger.com is reporting that Chevrolet is offering rebates up to 10 percent off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for select models. The way it works is that dealers get a certain allotment of rebates for cars sold at supplier price, which usually falls somewhere between employee pricing and standard retail. The rebate is then applied to the supplier price, which depending on the model can add up to a healthy savings.


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Corvetteblogger.com also says this new incentive is replacing the prior $2,000 owner loyalty rebate and $5,000 Brembo brakes incentive, the latter of which was a very curious deal. For starters, it applied to the Grand Sport and Z06 models – high-end, low-production machines which generally don’t need any sort of incentives to seal a deal. Furthermore, it only applied to models optioned with the Brembo ceramic brake package, which added $7,495 to the cost.

In other words, Chevrolet offered a $5,000 rebate for cars with a $7,500 optional add-on. Perhaps GM forced an abundance of ceramic-braked Corvettes onto dealers, and was trying to help move the stock? We won’t pretend to understand – there’s a reason we write about cars instead of trying to sell them.

We do know, however, that incentives of any kind on low-volume, high-dollar automobiles are pretty much unheard of. It’s all about the basics of supply and demand, and with rides like $70,000 Corvettes, demand usually outweighs the need for rebates, discounts, or other such motivators to help move the supply.

But here's the thing. Last time we checked there was a 267-day supply of new Corvettes currently on the market. Considering the sweet spot for dealers and manufacturers is usually just 60 days, we’ll just say now is a great time to deal on that new ‘Vette you’ve always wanted.

Source: CorvetteBlogger.com

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