The high speeds and tight, winding paths of a rally stage force drivers to be masters of car control. Even the tiniest error can result in an astounding crash. On a traditional racetrack, the slip by driver Tomasz Kasperczyk might have resulted in a very brief trip off the circuit. However during the first stage of the FIA European Rally Championship’s Rally Islas Canarias, a minor mistake nearly caused a potentially deadly crash. This video captures how the guardrail saved him and his co-driver.

Kasperczyk drives along a curvy mountain road, but he appears to have a bad line when entering a curve. The cloud of smoke indicates that his brakes possibly lock up the tires, and he’s not able to bend the Ford Fiesta RS rally car around the turn.



Kasperczyk plows into the guardrail, but something miraculous happens. Rather than flying off the mountain, the support stays in place. After briefly skidding along, the car comes to a stop hanging halfway off the road. The driver’s side tires hang off the edge, but the rail holds the Fiesta so that the vehicle doesn’t tumble.



The ERC tweeted photos (above) showing more detail of the crash, and they’re amazing. The pictures show just how much of the car is hanging off the mountain. Judging by the view down the mountain in the video, these guys faced a major tumble down a steep grade if the guardrail hadn’t been there.

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The ERC reported that the crash harmed neither Kasperczyk nor his co-driver. You can see them both exit the Fiesta in the video, and they appear fine – rightfully scared, though. 

Source: European Rally Championship Via: The Drive

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