Concept802 describe themselves as a "dynamic styling company" and founder Barry Graham has kindly sent us the following live images of the Range Rover Sport Platinum S wide body kit in the flesh without "computer enhancements" this time.

The styling graces that Concept802 offer with this wide-arch kit includes new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, a new front grille, and a carbon fiber rear diffuser housing Concept802-designed exhaust tips for the Range Rover Sport.

Concept802 also fits the Range Rover Sport with their own set of wheels - 3-piece forged alloy V2 wheels in a multi-spoked and "deep dish" design. Customers have a wide selection of sizes to choose from too, with rims starting at 19-inches and going up to quite a muscular 24.

And what can we expect next?

Well, Concept802 is working on their own re-imagining of the Lamborgini Murciealago and the Porsche Cayenne. They will also have their take on Aston Martin models sometime in the future too.

Note: Photos 3, 4 & 5 are the new live images. Photos 1 & 2 are renderings originally posted on 16.02.2009.

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