Here’s a question we pose to you, Motor1 readers. Would you rather have more skill, or luck? Before you answer that question (that is, if you can answer it), watch the video clip above. Specifically, pay close attention to what happens in the distance just a couple seconds after the action begins.


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We’ve all seen crazy first-person motorcycle videos on YouTube, but there aren’t many that end like this one. According to YouTuber Rui Tiago, the incident occurred on the A28 motorway in Portugal. Obviously we have a group of riders enjoying a spirited day blasting down the open road, but with the video only being 48 seconds long it’s difficult to draw conclusions about conditions leading up to the crash. Traffic didn’t appear to be very heavy, and speed didn’t appear to be excessive. Then again, the biker in the distance appeared to be obliterated by a violent rear-end collision with a sedan.

Appearances can be deceiving, as we quickly see when the camera operator rolls up to the car. Not only is the aforementioned biker alive, he appears to be more inconvenienced by the fact that he's stuck on top of a moving car. Obviously the driver of the sedan knew something was amiss – the biker busted out the rear window and was sitting on the rear shelf after all – but we were just waiting for the rider to knock on the roof or something. You know, to let the driver know he was there and to maybe pull over.

We suspect the biker didn’t come away injury-free after such a crash, especially after seeing the extensive damage done to the bike. But still, to survive such a hit – never mind walking away from it – brings us back to the question we asked at the beginning. Would you rather have more skill, or luck?

Right now, we’re hedging on luck.

Source: Rui Tiago via YouTube

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