Ladies and gentlemen, what follows could be the single biggest dose of awesome you get all week, possibly even all year. You’ve read the headline and viewed the preview photo, now go ahead and embrace the world of Little Tykes, Mad Max style. Be warned – if you don’t presently have children, this article will make you want them. Or, you could choose to forego all measures of proper adulting and hit your nearest toy store to build a post-apocalyptic mini car just for yourself. We approve such action.

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We suspect Ian Pfaff might also approve. He’s a director living in Glendale, California so he does have some experience with films and props. No doubt the experience came in handy during this thoroughly unorthodox build, which features not one but two Little Tykes Cozy Coupes. According to BuzzFeed, Pfaff pretty much threw the kitchen sink into the mix, using everything from computer components to espresso machine bits and even old breast pump (yes, breast pump) parts, the latter of which was donated from Pfaff’s wife, Emily.

Little Tykes Mad Max Cars
Little Tykes Mad Max Cars
Little Tykes Mad Max Cars

Computer cooling fans, espresso machine grates and gears are pretty easy to identify, but as is often the case with such projects, the devil is in the details. Looking close we also see what appear to be repurposed circuit boards, auto air conditioning vents, and are those small speakers being used for “lights” on the front? There's plenty of custom paint to be found as well, but help us out on this – what clever bits can you identify?

The children, of course, care not about such things. Five-month old Benji doesn’t really get what all’s going on, but the couple’s two-year old daughter Junior – who also got a Mad Max-style outfit to wear when driving – reportedly loves chasing the family pug in her steampunk ride.

Friends, this is what you call parenting done right. Well done Pfaff family.

Source: Buzzfeed


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