An increase in horsepower for the 3.8 liter, twin-turbo V6 takes the GT-R from 480 to 485 hp. A re-tuned transmission and suspension as well as more colorful cosmetics have upped the value quotient on the 2010 GT-R.

Nissan has done a little tweaking of the GT-R for the upcoming 2010 model and hopes that buyers in the North American market will come rushing to the selected showrooms where it will be sold.

First off is a little increase in horsepower for the 3.8 liter, twin-turbo V6 that propels the GT-R. It goes from 480 to 485 hp, not much of a bump but the 480 figures was already zesty enough.

Also new is the Transmission Control Module (TCM) that helps smooth out the gear shifts while the suspension has been re-tuned with new shocks and different spring and damper rates. Tougher brake lines have been put in to improve durability too.

Cosmetics include Brembo and Nissan logos on the brake calipers. But there is more than that. The new 20-inch RAYS forged aluminum alloy wheels now come in a darker, more lustered "smoke" finish with a near-black metallic finish for the Premium model. A new color is also on offer, Pearl White, while the Super Silver model now also has a spiffy-polished front bumper to better compliment the color.

Nissan has certainly upped the value quotient on the GT-R with these upgrades. In these tough times things have gotten especially bad for sports models such as the GT-R but it's a win for consumers.

The new 2010 GT-R will be available from selected Nissan dealers. For a list of the roughly 700 certified dealers, visit


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