Self-driving 3008s will hit the streets of Singapore in September.

Up until not too long ago, only premium automakers were developing and testing autonomous driving systems, but nowadays more and more mainstream brands are hopping on the driverless bandwagon. One of them is Peugeot as it has announced it will team up with nuTonomy for a strategic partnership to conduct a series of on-road tests with specially prepared self-driving 3008 SUVs.

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First order of business is to implement the technology into the vehicle and nuTonomy estimates it will complete the task this summer. Beginning with September, the fleet of autonomous Peugeot 3008s will commence testing in Singapore. The tie-up between the two companies is part of PSA’s “Autonomous Vehicle for All” program aiming to turn the group into the “preferred mobility provider for customers worldwide” as stated in the “Push to Pass” strategic plan published a little over a year ago. In the long run, PSA wants to sell fully autonomous cars and that’s why it has inked a deal with nuTonomy and its team of software and robotics experts.

Following the initial tests set to be conducted in Singapore, the two companies will then analyze the prospects of expanding the on-road evaluations to other big cities all over the world. It should be mentioned nuTonomy has been running public trials of cars fitted with self-driving tech in Singapore since August last year.

Recently crowned the “2017 European Car of the Year,” the Peugeot 3008 is now in its second generation and has been transformed into a proper crossover by ditching the MPV traits of its predecessor. A hot GTI version is being considered, while a thrifty hybrid derivative is already in the pipeline. While all 3008 models available today are strictly front-wheel drive, the electrified derivative is expected to feature an AWD setup.

Source: Peugeot

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