VW has officially made arguing over music a hands-free activity for everyone in the car.

Let it be known that, as of May 3, Volkswagen has simultaneously revolutionized and destroyed the time-honored tradition of road tripping thanks to its new Media Control app. That’s because this app – which is available for tablets and smartphones using Apple or Android systems – allows anyone in the car to tinker with the stereo via WLAN connection. This does not seem like a good idea.

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Perhaps we’re being a bit too dramatic here. The Media Control app works on Volkswagens equipped with either the Discover Navigation or Discover Navigation Pro infotainment system, allowing any passenger in the car to connect with and manipulate the setup. That includes changing radio stations, pumping up the bass, adjusting volume, and playing tracks from the connected device.

And to answer the question that everyone has right now, yes the driver can disable the WLAN connection at any time. Because we can’t imagine mischievous passengers cranking the volume at random intervals, or siblings in the back seat constantly fighting over which song to play. On the flip side of that, we all have that one person who seems to have the right song for every occasion. Such a passenger could make an already epic road trip into something legendary.

There’s more to Media Control than just music. The functionality will also allow connected passengers to make phone calls through the on-board speakers and microphone. The navigation system can also be accessed, allowing users to monitor the progress during a trip or even enter a new destination. Again, therein lies potential for both extreme frustration and hilarity. Someone up front says something stupid? Enter destination: Nimrod, Oregon. Yes, it's a real place.

There’s certainly all kinds of potential for the new feature. Its launch coincides with several other trim and color updates announced today for a variety of Volkswagen models. Among them are larger infotainment screens, new exterior color options, new entry-level trim for the Beetle, and a range of updates for the Golf. See the press release after the photo gallery for details.

Source: Volkswagen

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