It's amazing, but this explosive crash isn't responsible for any serious injuries.

A dash cam video captured the fiery crash of a small, single-engine plane near a road in Mukilteo, Washington. As it was coming down, the aircraft clipped some power lines and hit the support bar for a group of traffic lights. A huge explosion then erupted. According to the local KOMO News, two people suffered “minor injuries,” but only one of them required a visit to the hospital. 

Plane Crash

The Federal Aviation Administration reported that the plane was a Piper PA32-260 Cherokee Six. Shortly after takeoff from a nearby airport, the aircraft somehow lost control. The agency said that the pilot didn’t suffer any injuries and listed “unknown” about any harm to a passenger on board. A full investigation is now underway.

More Dash Cam Footage:

According to KOMO News, the pilot reported losing power after takeoff at about 500 feet, and the person was hoping to land the plane on an empty spot on the road. As shown in the dash cam video, the plan failed. Hitting the traffic signal support punctured the fuel tank, and the explosion soon followed. Some of the gas fell on a vehicle, which also resulted in a fire.

Plane Crash

Photos from the scene show the plane’s fuselage largely in tact, but the craft suffered serious damage elsewhere. One wing appears to be entirely gone, and the other is partially absent. The aircraft’s tail section is in bad shape, too.

The crash also caused a nasty time for local residents. The plane's damage to the power line caused a temporary outage, and police shut down the road during rush hour while cleaning up the scene.

Source: KOMO News, Federal Aviation Administration Via The Seattle Times

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