Nobody was killed during an autobahn accident on Friday the 13th involving a Wiesmann prototype and a BMW Convertible. The damage came to €150,000.

A Wiesmann GT prototype has been involved in an accident on Autobahn A31 in Germany between the exits Gescher and Legden heading towards Emden. The incident happened on Friday the 13th, a date synonymous with bad luck in the western world. On the previous Friday the 13th exactly a month before, a Porsche prototype was the subject of a fatal collision in which the driver lost his life. No one was killed this time around but from the police report it seems some kind of luck played a role in the outcome.

A summarised version of the report says the driver of the Wiesmann was travelling on the left-hand lane of the freeway when a red BMW E30 Convertible changed lanes from right to left. Unfortunately it seems the Bimmer driver did not see the Wiesmann driving on his/ her left. The Wiesmann in trying to avoid a collision with the E30 veered further left and into the guard rail but swung back to the right. As he swung right a truck was already there. He also banged against that.

To add salt to wound a smaller truck with a trailer which was following behind could not stop in time to avoid what was happening in front of it and it drove right into the Wiesmann. Not only was the prototype a total write-off but another car was also smashed up by the smaller truck.

The report says two people were injured. Police are looking for more witnesses to the accident and especially the BMW driver who did not stop at the scene after the accident happened. Damage is estimated at €150,000.


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