Inden-Design's 'White Angel' shows off new exterior kit, an SL 65 AMG Black Series interior, lowered suspension and a bi-turbo powerplant making 680hp.

Inden-Design is a specialist Mercedes-Benz tuner which has recently finished work on the MY2005 SL 65 AMG. The car they call the White Angel may look like a far cry from the standard car in terms of exterior looks but Inden-Design says only original AMG parts were used to achieve those looks.

Redesigned to look like the 2008 SL 65 AMG the Inden-Design SL 65 is fitted with enhancers such as a carbon fiber rear diffuser, 3-part aluminium rims of size 10.5×19 inches up front and 11.5×19 inches at the back. Tyres are sized 255/30-19 and 305/25-19 front and rear respectively. New headlights, a new bonnet and sport exhaust system complete the transformation. The suspension has been lowered and makes the car sit closer to the ground while filling the wide wheel arches.

Inside the look of the SL 65 AMG Black Series has been adopted to the extent of using the Alcantara material and leather fittings.

Burbling under the hood is the same bi-turbo petrol engine with re-engineered turbos. To free even more power modifications were done on the intercooler, ECU and an extra gear oil cooler installed. As a result 680hp (500kW) is harnessed. In relation the off-the-factory unit makes 621hp (457kW).


Inden-Design White Angel SL 65 AMG 680hp Conversion