Driving in India is already bonkers without rival drivers competing for passengers.

Two buses racing? It’s not a typical high-performance matchup, but considering people race everything from monster trucks to lawn mowers, there could be some entertainment value in such a venue. This video, however, isn’t depicting a bus-sized contest of speed at a dedicated racing venue. The action takes place on the Coimbatore-Pollachi highway in Tamil Nadu, a state in the southern region of India. And as the video clearly shows, said highway was very much in-use at the time.

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Most people have heard the stories about driving in India. For those who haven’t, we recommend watching any number of disaster films that feature at least one fantastic urban exodus. This particular vertical-video isn't too forthcoming with details, but the numerous near-misses and dust clouds from each bus randomly off-roading around traffic – with passengers on-board mind you – are all the details we need to certify this as batshit crazy.

Fortunately, both drivers in this video had their licenses suspended. Unfortunately, this level of insanity isn’t all that uncommon in India. According to NDTV, bus drivers often hustle up and down the 27-mile stretch of highway in question as fast as possible, competing to move passengers between the cities of Pollachi and Coimbatore. Considering the state Tamil Nadu is home to over 72 million people in an area roughly the size of Ohio, there are plenty of people to move. And to make matters worse, much of the road is currently under construction.

Officials have been cracking down on the craziness in recent months. Whereas 12 accidents occurred on the highway in February, there was only a single crash in April. All things considered, that seems flat-out amazing. Still, we don’t have plans to visit India anytime soon.

Source: NDTV, My world via YouTube