If this thorough walk around is any indication, the new XC60 should certainly live up to outgoing model's success.

There’s plenty to like about the new Volvo XC60, according to Volvo Senior Product Manager Hans Nilsson. We already knew that, having previewed Gothenburg’s latest sport utility vehicle at the recent New York Auto Show, but Volvo is keen to drive that point home. Rightfully so, because the manufacturer has a lot riding on this machine – the previous-generation XC60 was the best-selling premium SUV in Europe, accounting for 30 percent of Volvo’s sales around the world. If the next generation hopes to carry the mantle, it needs to be great. More importantly, people need to know about it.

We hesitate to fall back on the old picture worth a thousand words cliché, especially since this is technically a bunch of moving pictures strung together in the form of a video. Volvo has already released some short films promoting the XC60, but this no-nonsense look is about a straightforward as it gets. In an automotive world of hype and hyperbole, it’s rather refreshing. And it’s very Volvo.


Honestly, we could fill your computer screen talking about the XC60’s features from its three available trim levels – Momentum, R-Design, and Inscription. We could talk about the 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, the standard panoramic sunroof, the center stack touchscreen that, among other things controls a 15-speaker sound system and quad-zone climate control. There’s the nappa leather seats with climate and massage functions, the nifty storage beneath the rear seats, and Volvo currently has some of the best-looking interiors in the business.

Of course we could talk about the myriad safety systems; cameras and active assists that will autobrake and autosteer to help prevent collisions. There are the various engine options with a range-topping 407-horsepower in the soon-to-come T8 plug-in hybrid, which can run on pure electricity or use both power plants to hit 60 miles per hour in 5.3 seconds.

Those are just the highlights of this eight-minute primer, and we’ll give credit where credit is due. We’ve seen the XC60 in person, and after watching this video, we’re more interested than ever in getting behind the wheel. Considering the big shoes this new SUV has to fill, it appears Volvo is off to a good start.

Source: Volvo via YouTube

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