Can you believe it’s been nearly 10 years since Ken Block first burned up the internet with his original gymkhana video? It was so long ago that it actually takes a little bit of work to find on YouTube, which has since become positively inundated with similar car stunting action from both amateurs and professionals, featuring everything from go-karts to semi trucks. And if we’re honest, there’s a bit of nostalgia seeing Block flinging his old Subaru around that airfield. No major theatrics, no closed streets – just a car with ludicrous horsepower and room to play.

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Tyler Witte probably isn’t someone you’ve heard about, but he captures a bit of that original feel – complete with an old Subaru – in his take on the whole gymkhana scene. It’s not quite as over-the-top as Block’s efforts, but then again we doubt Witte has anywhere near the same kind of budget for tires, never mind the rest of the car which, according to an interview with Speedhunters, he pretty much built himself from a totaled pre-bug eye 2.5 RS.

Once completed, Witte got permission from a heavy equipment owner to run rampant over his property. Dozers were put to work building berms and jumps, and while much of the video isn’t necessarily ground-breaking in terms of stunts, reversing up a stacked set of containers to do a near-vertical drop-in BMX style is pretty cool. And the chained-up donut at the end via the knuckle boom digger is brilliant. We can’t help imagining Block sitting at his computer saying why didn’t I think of that?

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five is the most popular video in his series with over 91 million views, but Witte’s do-it-yourself effort already has almost 49,000 clicks in just a couple days. The quality is good, the action is intense, and we applaud the home-grown effort. Hopefully Witte keeps going, because we like what we see so far.

Source: Jalopnik, Speedhunters, Tyler Witte via YouTube

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