We are saddened to report a rare Ferrari F40 has been engulfed by flames during a road trip in Italy with the destination being Maranello where the owner was driving to pick up his brand new LaFerrari Aperta. According to FerrariChat, the obliterated 1980s iconic supercar belongs to millionaire Jon Hunt known for his action-packed videos uploaded onto the TaxTheRich100 account on YouTube with expensive cars being trashed around. As a matter of fact, an F40 was actually featured in a video dubbed “Farmkhana” that came out early 2016:

The car in question is believed to be one of the about eight known F40 prototypes built by Ferrari for testing purposes and at the same time it’s the first of seven that were ever upgraded to GT specification by Michelotto. Manufactured in 1987 and exhibited at that year’s Frankfurt Motor Show by Auto Becker — an official Ferrari importer in Germany — it’s the sixth prototype made by Ferrari and was converted to GT specs in 1991.

The cause of the fire is not known at this point, but we do know this particular F40 was actually raced during its 30-year-long life. There’s nothing worse than seeing such a rare supercar burn to the ground, especially when the video is shot vertically to make it even harder to watch:


Interestingly, Jon Hunt embarked upon a similar road trip back in 2014 to pick up the keys to his LaFerrari Coupe. He also owns a series of other important prancing horses, including an F50, an Enzo, and the epic 288 GTO. You will probably be surprised to hear the F40 is actually not the only car in his multimillion-dollar garage to perish this way. About four years ago, his lovely Lamborghini Miura SV suffered the same fate by burning to a crisp in central London:

IVG.it via FerrariChat

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