Some say it's still operational.

This is one of our favorite kinds of stories – some old vehicles found abandoned at a parking lot or a dealership for a long time. But this time it’s even more special, as this French showroom was selling Ladas in the 1990s and, according to some reports, is still operational today, probably as a service center.

Let’s be honest – our first impression was that this dealership was not working for the last 10 or 15 years, judging by the poor condition of most of the cars. We see a lot of Samaras from different years and versions, a couple of Nivas, and several rare sporty vehicles – and there’s even a Samara that looks a lot like the super rare Lada Tarzan, we featured in our Soviet Bloc Cars Were Weird series a while ago. But all they are covered in rust.

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At this point, there’s no official information regarding the status of this center, located in the city of Macon, but according to a post in a Facebook group for historic vehicles, where the images appeared for the first time, it is still active. AvtoVAZ export to France stopped in 2008, but the few Lada owners in the country are probably still needing maintaining and service help.

Abandoned French Lada dealership
Abandoned French Lada dealership
Abandoned French Lada dealership

Currently, Lada is sold in only a few countries from the European Union, including Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. About two months ago the brand’s newest model, the Vesta compact sedan, hit the market in Germany and is now on its way to reach additional markets.

If you live in France or have any information about this (nearly) abandoned dealership, we’d be happy to get more fresh details and share them with our readers.

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