Several new and different body types of the next generation BMW 1 Series could appear with the car. Variations may end up being over five in number when the range is in full production.

BMW's model lineup is currently experiencing something of a boom. The leading premium automaker on the planet is having to defend itself left, right and centre through more aggressive marketing, fresher products and new niche markets. Introducing the 1 Series in 2004 was part of this grand strategy. This smallest BMW-branded car is quickly approaching a time when it has to be completely revamped and BMW is looking at the best ways to go about doing this.

As such, body variants will play an important role in attracting new customers while retaining loyal old ones. Versions that are expected to make the lineup include the three-door hatchback, a sort of Touring three-door wagon, a PAS model (longer, higher, five-door) and a three-door X1 SUV with its inspiration firmly from the X6. On top of all those possibilities exist for a new coupe, a convertible and a high-performance four-cylinder turbo model likely to be executed by the M Division.

Turbochargers will increasingly feature in the BMW 1 Series range to mirror current world motor industry trends. Thus smaller, comparatively more powerful units are expected to be used. The 1 Series might see a 115i for example with a 1.3-litre turbo engine making something like 105hp (78kW). Diesels will also play an important role in reducing BMW's overall carbon footprint as required by stringent European and US laws.

These cars are necessarily to come with the next-generation EfficientDynamics package which BMW is already working on with partner NASA. New gearbox choices including a double-clutch option would be on the offer.


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