Europe is now close to China market numbers.

European car sales have reached record numbers in March – a total of 1.92 million brand new vehicles have been registered on the continent, which represents an increase of 10.5 percent over March 2015 and the highest monthly volume ever recorded. What’s more impressive, the Euro market overtook United States and was very close to the 2.02 million sales in China this same month.

Out of the five biggest markets, Italy saw the largest increase in monthly sales – 17.4 percent more than the same month in 2015, followed by Spain (12.7 percent), Germany (11.4 percent), and United Kingdom (8.4 percent). A total of 16 out of 30 markets on the continent showed double-digit gains and just five lost volume. Greece recorded the biggest growth recovering from its deep recession with 49.5 percent increase.

Interestingly, 26 brands from a total of 52 represented on the continent sold more cars in March than they’ve ever done in a single month in Europe. Volkswagen remains a market leader with 3.9 percent increase in sales, followed by Ford with a very strong growth of 15.9 percent. Renault outsold Opel/Vauxhall for the third place.

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According to data from JATO Dynamics, the Volkswagen Golf has been overtaken by the Ford Fiesta as the continent’s best-selling car. Market specialists explain there are several reasons for this shift, including Ford’s more aggressive incentive program and the general slowdown on diesel registrations, which had a notable intact on the Golf sales.

On the premium front, both Mercedes-Benz and BMW broke the 100,000 number mark, while Audi missed the target by only about 1,000 examples. Meanwhile, Volvo set a record month delivering 36,891 cars, while Porsche registered 9,259 new cars, also a new record.

European March sales usually are the highest for the whole year and represent more than 11 percent of the total annual registrations. This year Easter fell in April instead of March, giving dealers extra selling days during the month.

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