FF may give you a free phone with your car, too.

As we’ve been reviewing recent patents from the electric vehicle space for our Your Future EV series, a few from Faraday Future have jumped out. There are plenty of stories in our archives about the problems FF is having with its production facility – like this – but even if the company doesn’t solve its funding problems, some of these ideas could one day make it to your electric vehicle from one automaker or another. So, what does FF have?

Here’s an interesting one. Called “System And Method For Operating Vehicle Using Mobile Device,” the idea is that if you forget or lose your key fob, even if the car is not connected to the Internet, your smartphone will be able to send a code to the car to open the doors.

Faraday Future FF 91 Prototype Ride-Along

It gets more interesting when we look at that patent in partnership with this one. Oh, and yes, we know that drawing above (the main image) looks suspiciously like FF is reinventing the Chevy Volt concept, but we swear this is taken from a Faraday Future patent application. Let’s focus instead on the phone in the picture and imagine we’re in one of FF’s scenarios, standing next to our locked car.

Often, the occupant only wants to enter the vehicle to retrieve some belongings, e.g., to retrieve a wallet left in the vehicle before the vehicle is pulled to a charging station. More importantly, there are emergencies, such as when a child is locked in the vehicle, that require entry into the vehicle in no time. Therefore, an electric door release system is needed to quickly and conveniently unlock the doors when the primary power source is drained.

More about the Faraday Future FF 91:

But what happens when your car’s battery is dead and you still just gotta get your wallet? You cell phone to the rescue! If your EV had this technology inside, it could receive, “by a power interface, a DC power from an external mobile device.”

"The vehicle includes one or more door latches. The vehicle also includes one or more primary power sources for powering the one or more door latches. The vehicle further includes a power interface configured to receive a DC power from an external mobile device. The vehicle further includes a controller configured to activate a door latch using the DC power after the one or more primary power sources are drained."

Faraday Future FF 91 Prototype Ride-Along

But wait, there’s more. FF has published a patent where your car wakes up as you walk up with your phone in your pocket and being able to send someone else’s phone permission to access your car. In other words, in Faraday’s future, you better have a smart phone. But hey, if you don’t, Faraday has you covered. Buried in the text is the idea that the company may try to bundle cars like the FF 91 with a smart phone “as a gift while selling vehicle” and could use the phone to start the car, too.

“This way,” FF says, “the occupant only needs the smart phone to open and/or start the vehicle, saving the trouble of carrying extra wireless fobs.”

Source: USPTO

Source: InsideEVs

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Photo by: Jake Holmes