Production has began on the Volvo S80L premium stretch sedan. Only available in China, the car is outfitted with a large amount of luxury and safety items.

Volvo has officially launched the all-new Volvo S80L, a long wheelbase version of the S80 made specifically for the Chinese market. The car went on sale today, and is available in five different trim levels.

The equipment available is impressive, and available throughout the entire lineup. A small refrigerator is built into the center of the rear seating area, and a premium stereo system works in combination with the rear entertainment system. Cup holders are built into the center backrest, which also covers up the fridge. The upgraded stereo is based around an Alpine digital amp, and 12 Dynaudio speakers. Controls for the sound system, rear heated seats, cigarette lighter, and adjustable seats are built into the elongated armrests. Seats are also lined in heavily padded leather. Volvo has also made available their Air Quality System and Electronic Climate Control.

On the S80L 3.0 T6 AWD, power comes from a turbocharged three liter in-line six, which gets up to 210 kW (285hp), and 400 Nm of Torque. Maximum torque comes at just 1,500 rpm, and helps bring the stretched sedan to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds. The engine makes use of "Twin Scroll technology," which combines with a simple yet robust turbo that provides comparable performance as twin turbos. Volvo's all-wheel-drive distributes power through a wired hydraulically-activated clutch. Volvo claims this, and the instant traction system, gives the car the ability to change power distribution quickly to adjust for road conditions.

"Volvo S80L is an all new model specially tailored for the Chinese market, and also the most luxurious car Volvo has ever made," said Volvo Cars China CEO Dr. Alexander Klose. "Meanwhile, S80L proves Volvo's leadership in terms of safety and design."

The safety is, after all, what Volvo is really known for. This car was designed to be one of the safest premium vehicles available in China, which the company is using to market to their potential business and government customers. The car was crash tested at the Volvo Cars Safety Centre in Sweden throughout the entire development process. Volvo has also included their blind spot, car communications, information, side impact protection, and whiplash protection systems to make the car that much more appealing.

Production of the all-new Volvo S80L began last month. The vehicle is available now across China.

Volvo Launches New S80L in China