The 3D-printed moon rover will actually live up to its name and head to the moon.

You’ve been seeing the Audi Lunar Quattro in images on the Internet for about two years now and next month it will make its debut on the big screen as well. Created using a 3D metal printer at Audi’s home in Ingolstadt, the moon rover will be featured in Ridley Scott’s new “Alien: Covenant” sci-fi movie in which it will have to patrol the Terraforming Bay and find out what sort of unidentified life form is hiding in the darkness.

And while all that action is fictional, the Audi Lunar Quattro is as real as it gets. Not only that, but it’s actually getting ready for a trip to the moon “in the very near future.” In development since the beginning of 2015, the moon rover represents the work of experts led by Robert Böhme, founder and CEO of Berlin-based startup “Part-Time Scientists.”

Audi Lunar Quattro
Audi Lunar Quattro

Audi’s knowledge in all-wheel drive systems and lightweight construction was put to good use during the engineering phase, while the company’s knowhow regarding plug-in hybrid and full electric powertrains was also of great help. In addition, Audi also provided its input about design optimization. The moon rover is 85 percent made out of aluminum and weighs a mere 30 kilograms (66 pounds) while on top of it sits a pivoting solar panel from where it draws its energy.

The Audi Lunar Quattro in “Alien: Covenant” won’t actually be a product placement per se since you can’t simply head to your local Audi dealership and buy one. It was created with the sole purpose of travelling roughly 236,121 miles (380,000 kilometers) to the moon, and hopefully the people behind the project will be able to see their dreams come true in the near future.

Until then, the moon rover deployed by Faris (played by Amy Seimetz) will play an integral part of the Covenant mission in “Alien: Covenant” out on May 12.

Source: Audi

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