From this detailed teaser photo we can say the Kona will definitely have headlights and a grille.

Hyundai says the official unveiling for its all-new Kona compact crossover will happen this summer, but the manufacturer is feeding us some tidbits of info ahead of the launch. Seen here for the first time, the Kona’s front clip will follow the manufacturer’s new taste in design with the familiar Hyundai grille. The two-tier headlight arrangement we sort-of saw in spy photos is in full view; the top LED strips are dedicated daytime running lamps with amber lights at the corners. The lower lamps – also LED according to Hyundai – will provide the primary source of illumination at night.

The manufacturer goes on to say the design is “emphasized by the car’s wide stance and its voluminous, aggressive body styling.” The lines on the hood with what appears to be a center air scoop certainly suggest the Kona might have some snazzy styling when it’s fully revealed. Combined with the downward sweeping roofline we’ve seen in spy photos, we can visualize this as a crossover that could stand out against competition like the Mazda CX-3 and Nissan Juke.

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There’s still no word on powertrain. The Kona is believed to use a modified version of the platform used by the Euro-only Hyundai I20 hatchback, with mechanicals possibly coming from the larger i30. That would mean gasoline and diesel four-cylinder engines ranging from 100 to 175 horsepower, most likely driving just the front wheels though all-wheel drive could well be an option. That would be especially critical in the United States if Hyundai hopes to match up against all-wheel drive competitors in the segment.

That is, if the Kona makes it to U.S. shores at all. There’s still no word on exactly where Hyundai will offer the Kona, and when it will be revealed in full.

Source: Hyundai



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