You’d think residents in a place like Monaco, which occasionally sees Formula 1 cars screaming through the streets, would be able to handle a few minutes of a burbling American V8. That holds especially true during Top Marques Monaco, an annual event that sees all kinds of vehicular candy in the form of supercars and tuners from around the world. Apparently, a single resident took exception to the song stylings of a Nissan Silvia at this year’s event which concluded a few days ago. It his defense, the Silva was sporting a thoroughly tuned Chevrolet LS3 V8 built with NASCAR bits, funneled through what can only be described as a megaphone exhaust setup.

The car is a product of Brill Steel Motorsport, an Italian-based shop with a penchant for American iron. The Silvia in question is something of a Frankenstein monster, built from an S14 model while wearing S15 bits and all kinds of aero extras. The Chevy engine under the hood is said to make upwards of 720 horsepower, and we believe every pony after hearing it roll out of the show.

According to Autoevolution, an ornery resident confronted the team outside and called the police, who showed up to what appears to be little fanfare. The offending Silvia was loaded into a hauler – via winch as opposed to its own power – and all was well.

We can understand getting butt hurt over cars continually racing in the middle of the night, but this did take place during a rather prominent automotive event, and all the action appears to have stayed near the event center. Admittedly the Silvia driver was not shy about ripping the accelerator, but the whole thing just seems a bit ridiculous to us. Perhaps it was just misdirected rage over yet another LS swap into a classic Japanese sports car?

Source: Autoevolution, AdamC3046 via YouTube


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