Now that Saturn is gone, how will GM bring the Opel Insignia stateside? It has a benefit as a replacement to the Buick Regal, or as a front-wheel-drive midsize Cadillac.

Rumor has it that the Opel Insignia may be on its way to the U.S. The car could take over as either a Buick, replacing the Regal, or even a Cadillac.

Originally picked to replace the Saturn Aura, GM is weighing new options for the Insignia after they dropped Saturn from their roster. As a Buick, the Insignia would have the problem of competing with the Buick LaCrosse. Both vehicles are front-wheel-drive, and use the exact same platform. On the other hand, Buick desperately needs a new model to breathe new life into the brand. Perhaps in the Insignia, they see a vehicle that may attract a younger crowd, including first-time sedan buyers, and new families.

The car also would have benefits to the Cadillac brand, just by virtue of being a front-wheel-drive. Anybody who participates in winter driving conditions knows a rear-wheel-drive Cadillac does not perform at the top of its game. Under a historically luxe label, GM would have the opportunity to jack up the price with premium options like leather, all-wheel-drive, wood trim, adaptive headlights, upgraded seats, lane departure warning, and a variety of other choices.

One thing is for sure: GM will have to make a decision on a relatively quick timetable. The Opel Insignia can only help their U.S. brands.

Opel Insignia may come to America as Buick and Cadillac