That was a close call.

The Nurburgring circuit is sometimes the scene of some extraordinary accidents. This month alone we featured a dramatic Renault Mégane 3 RS wreck, and a less intense instance of a Ford Fiesta ST colliding with a wall, both of which at the exact same hairpin.

In this case, the scene is even more extraordinary, and the drivers deserve our applause. It was filmed by a following Seat Leon Cupra, which easily handles all the corners in the video. The driver of the Seat is then overtaken by an Audi TT RS, which has 335 horsepower (249 kilowatts). A few feet away, this TT RS slips on a puddle of oil and the driver completely loses control of his car.

Miraculously, the Audi didn’t come into contact with the safety barrier, as no dents or scratches are seen on the exterior of the car. As for the pilot of the Leon Cupra, he managed to brake just in time and maintain control of his car. Even the Seat lost a bit of grip form the oil, but fortunately didn't end up in the wall.

The oil spill at the root of this incident was the result of an accident that occurred a few minutes earlier. The safety officials of the circuit were on the way to neutralize the obstacle, which could have been fatal, before the TT RS arrived. All in all, the good news is nobody got hurt.


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